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EnviroStat, Inc. provides specialized training in the areas of field (bulk) sampling, laboratory subsampling, statistics, and quality control.

EnviroStat, Inc. developed the MULTI INCREMENT® sampling methodology which integrates all facets of sample plan design, implementation and evaluation. EnviroStat's methodology has been used by various state and federal government agencies as well as private industry for over ten years to improve sample representativeness.

Why you need a course in sampling...

Sampling error can be the largest source of error in any assessment. If the error is too large, incorrect characterization can result because the samples are not representative. The best designed sampling plan is of little use if the samples are not properly collected. That's why you need an understanding of correct sampling principles and an ability to correctly apply them to your assessment.

EnviroStat offers open enrollment courses and provides customized in-house training to meet specific needs.

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Your decisions are only as good as your samples!