Laboratory Audit

EnviroStat Laboratory Subsampling Audits

When the field sample is analyzed by the laboratory, only a small portion of the field sample is used. The laboratory actually samples the field sample (subsamples). In addition, samples can be dried, sieved, and ground in the laboratory. These steps, if not performed correctly, will add additional errors to your final analytical results. Error causes incorrect decisions, which lead to increased costs. If you want the correct results at a minimum cost, the laboratory sample processing and subsampling must be done correctly. An audit ensures that the laboratory has the ability and capability to perform this task.

Audit services can include review of:

  • Sieving capabilities
  • Grinding capabilities
  • Subsampling procedures
  • Subsampling quality control
  • Decontamination of sample processing equipment
  • Subsample mass for representativeness

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