EnviroStat Field Sampling and Laboratory Subsampling Audits

Samples need to be representative. How do you know…

  • That the samples you are relying on for decision-making are representative?
  • That your existing protocols are optimized to collect representative samples at the lowest cost possible?
  • If your personnel or contractors are collecting representative samples in accordance with your company procedures and generally accepted practices?
  • If your laboratory is properly processing and subsampling your samples?
  • If your data are defensible?
  • That your decisions are correct?
  • If you are minimizing your sampling costs?
  • That your data are reproducible?


The only way to know for sure is a Representative Sample Audit by EnviroStat, Inc.

Since field sampling and laboratory subsampling are the two largest sources of error for decision-making, it is critical that they be performed correctly. As part of an independent audit, EnviroStat will observe your existing sampling or subsampling operations and provide you with a report of observations and any deficiencies along with recommendations for improvement. Our audits are confidential and customized to your specific issues. They are not a checklist that is the same for every client. With cutbacks and outsourcing that today’s organizations are experiencing, you need to be sure your data integrity is not compromised.


Sampling and Subsampling Audit Benefits

  • Minimize sampling costs
  • Independent verification of sampling process
  • Ensure consistency between sampling personnel
  • Ensure consistency of sampling over time
  • Minimize waste misclassification
  • Correct, defendable, cost effective decisions-every time!



Field Sampling Audits

Laboratory Sampling Audits



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