MULTI INCREMENT® – a comprehensive sampling methodology used to represent a specific population (decision unit) and provide a foundation for defensible decision making. The term MULTI INCREMENT incorporates in a systematic approach many disciplines into the final sampling plan design and evaluation. The process begins with proper development of project objectives (e.g., Data Quality Objectives, Sample Quality Criteria). Next, the tenants of Sampling Theory are employed to determine the appropriate sample mass, number of increments, and correct selection and use of sampling tools for sample collection. Quality control is incorporated for assessment of the sampling plan design and, ultimately, data quality. The combination of these disciplines forms the foundation of the MULTI INCREMENT methodology that generates a representative sample that directly provides data to meet project objectives.

MULTI INCREMENT sampling methodology can be applied to all project objectives, all media, and all analytes. It can be applied in the field and in the laboratory when subsampling of the field sample is required. Users of MULTI INCREMENT must be aware that they cannot pick and choose only certain components of the method for their own convenience as that will not lead to a representative sample. If applied correctly, MULTI INCREMENT is the most cost effective, defensible sampling methodology that can be implemented.

The term MULTI INCREMENT was trademarked to separate it from all the other sampling methods that exist. There is no substitute for the scientific rigor it encompasses. If it is not MULTI INCREMENT, it is not the best you can do!

EnviroStat consents to and encourages the fair use of the MULTI INCREMENT trademark to all who are performing MULTI INCREMENT sampling. There is no need to utilize any other terminology when performing MULTI INCREMENT sampling. EnviroStat only requests that proper attribution be given. If you have any questions about using the term MULTI INCREMENT, please contact EnviroStat, Inc.